A good design and content are directly linked with the success of a website/web application. In the absence of one of these, the usability of the website suffers. A web application should be user-friendly, easy to navigate and simple to understand for the end-users.

If a user is confused or finds it difficult to understand the app/website, it means the site/app is of poor quality. Our expert team is very good in identifying the usability inconsistencies that could leave the user confused.

Our usability testing includes several parameters like navigability, ease of use, UI design, speed, content readability and accessibility.

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Usability Testing, also known as User Testing or UX Testing, helps enhance the user experience of an application, be it web or mobile. With the assistance of usability testing, developers can identify and address usability errors in the application, which makes it more easy for anybody to use.
Preparing a test plan
Prepare a checklist for Usability Testing
Analyzing the collected data

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