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The quality of a product/service delivered is the number one driving factor for any organization’s success. The trust and credibility that comes from happy customers about a product helps the firm to reach new audiences.

With a wide range of browsers available in today’s market, cross browser testing plays a major role in the software testing process. We might have noticed that some web applications or websites are not properly displayed on some browsers; at the same time performs well on opening on a different browser.

For growing and maintaining a business, web usability is an essential factor. A poor performance of a website/application can lead to users abandoning it. When the website/application does not match user’s expectation, usability of the website suffers which in turn leads to the declining of the business.

Software testing is an essential part of quality assurance. Regression testing is one among the different types of software testing. Regression testing can be defined as a type of software testing performed every time when a new functionality is added, or any modification is done to the software product.